Öppen Deadlift Bar

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Eleiko’s patent pending Open deadlift bar is designed for lifting ease, opening the benefits of deadlifting to more people. The open design supports a variety of lunges and carries in addition to deadlifts. The bar easily moves between the upright storage and the horizontal lifting position. It rests on rubber feet which protect the platform and provide ample clearance for unencumbered loading and unloading. The Open Deadlift Bar solves many issues common to trap bars on the market today which are often difficult to load, cumbersome to use and challenging to store. Our unique open design is approachable and the bar is counterbalanced so users can easily move between the upright storage and loading position and the horizontal lifting position. Specifikationer: Längd: 2150mmBredd: 589mmHöjd: 226mmVikt: 25kg Garanti: 5 År


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